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thank you for 200 followers!

I never thought I would ever achieve it with my dumb doodles haha thank you all ;_;

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 #own art  #tales of  #tales of symphonia  #pokemon  #xerneas  #mithos yggdrasill  #tales x pokemon is probably the only thing i draw now orz
idk how to bg
yggdrasill version?
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Today is Lucina’s birthday!!!! I love her as much as I love my children /////
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got tagged by fox ^q^

1. Something youre very looking forward to??

When SPM ends with all my suffering this year _(:3

2. What was the last movie you watched

Iiiiii think it was Rise of The Guardians! I rewatched it with my sis cos she didn’t watch it before.

3. Your favourite book(s)

Don’t judge me.

And a bunch of other books to I read a lot so I can’t really choose an absolute favourite orz

4. Whats the talent you wish you had?

Understanding animals  being great at cooking hahaha

5. Screenshot your desktop, no rearranging!!


6. The name of the song youre listening to right now!

fwooshfwoosh ft. ceiling fan /gets kicked

7. Favourite character from your favourite series?

I CAN’T CHOOSE A PERSON FROM POKEMON hskjhdkjfhsdjk everyone is so precious

8. The last thing you spent your money on

Jelly for RM1

9. If you could enter the world of a game/book/tv show, what would it be?

I’d like to enter the world of Pokemon crossovered with Touhou and Tales *q*

10. Are you hungry now (i am) what food do you crave for


I’m rly lazy to make questions so the people i tag can just reuse her questions haha- (kicked

asa angela kaysee shiyu

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 #man so beautiful go commission her already!!
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 #tales of  #tales of vesperia  #yuri lowell  #forcing self to draw better bgs  #would've fixed more if mom hadn't started scolding me for not being asleep in my room
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 #doodles  #own art  #fire emblem awakening  #morgan  #precious children  #fe13
my precious children on my own copy of FE:A ^q^
I married Lon’qu as a FeMU and Cherche as MaMU so yeah
both of them are ridiculously strong www (Current FMorgan is a bit weaker than my black haired one tho)
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i was listening to tori no uta..
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 #actually its my bro's  #but our plushies are shared anyway haha  #nici  #elephant
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 #doodles  #own art  #tales of  #tales of symphonia  #colette brunel  #pokemon  #swablu
I love drawing Colette but i always can’t memorize her design at all
(posted on wrong blog before oops)